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Magi 02-02-2007 17:59

practical joke ;)
I didn't know how to attach this file, but it's so funny I just had to share it with you.
So, it is located here

you have to wait a few secs for the file info to be uploaded, than scroll down and click where it says download and save it to your computer. once you have it on your pc, open and click on the speaker icon to hear how it actually sounded :D

i laughed my ass off hahaha

kiwigirl 02-02-2007 18:09


Napisał magvillat
laughed my ass off hahaha

Mind the language lady !

(I have no speakers ;( )

Magi 02-02-2007 18:17

well, you can still read it... it's not THAT funny, but it's still funny ;)

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