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Magi 12-09-2010 22:53

the most hated family in America
this is scary - what the father of that family has done to them. he brainwashed them until they went braindead. and now his children are doing the same to their children.

I came across a video about them by accident two days ago and since then, I've been trying to find out more. and the more I learn, the more outraged, disgusted, terrified and ashamed I am. isn't there a law in America that would allow for the children to be taken away from that mad cult?

I am stunned, I still have trouble believing they're for real, spreading their message of hate and calling it the word of God. I'm lost for words, really.

there are a number of videos about them on YT, including videos that unmask their hypocresy (that "spokeswoman" has a son out of wedlock, one of the things she so readily condemns in others, and that is just the tip of the iceberg), videos showing outcast members of that crazy family that dared to question their "message," finally, videos of people trying to stand up to them in different ways.

watching those videos, I just couldn't help thinking about the cult of our own, the infamous "defenders of the cross," ready to come at anyone who thinks different and beat the living daylights out of them with the cross. they may not be a cult yet, but in my opinion, they're verging on it. this may be a little far-fetched, I admit, but there are certain similarities...

dora2 13-09-2010 02:06

Odp: the most hated family in America
well. pure money talk and attention seekers for me. PD/psychopaths - businessmen. sadly no, there is no law to take the kids away. sadly.
anyhow, if they really hate America so much and think the whole nation is doomed - WTF they r doing in there. apart from money of course.

Jelonek 13-09-2010 09:28

Odp: the most hated family in America
I wouldn't call them most hated - I think not that many people know about them - I would call them most hating family in America. It's scary that someone can have so much hatred in their hearts.
And all under the name of Christianity.
Anyway - Louis is a good journalist. They didn't give him much space though, I think it must have been tough for him to get what he wanted, as they are doing everything to avoid answers.

Magi 13-09-2010 09:37

Odp: the most hated family in America

Napisał Jelonek (Post 222604)
I would call them most hating family in America.

good point.

there is an interview on YT with one of the girls, a 24-yr-old, who was banished from the "church" and from the family after she started questioning what they preach and pointing out their hypocresy. she's in tears, seeing her little brother and sister on TV, as she hasn't seen them for several years. and her so called parents say that they don't miss her. they don't want her back. she's headed for hell, so what kind of daughter she is to them, anyway?...

it's mind-numbing, what that old man did to them, how they treat their own children... and I'm pretty sure God is crying, seeing how they use his name in the same sentence as "hate" and "mad rage" :(

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