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Domyślnie Odp: the most hated family in America

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I would call them most hating family in America.
good point.

there is an interview on YT with one of the girls, a 24-yr-old, who was banished from the "church" and from the family after she started questioning what they preach and pointing out their hypocresy. she's in tears, seeing her little brother and sister on TV, as she hasn't seen them for several years. and her so called parents say that they don't miss her. they don't want her back. she's headed for hell, so what kind of daughter she is to them, anyway?...

it's mind-numbing, what that old man did to them, how they treat their own children... and I'm pretty sure God is crying, seeing how they use his name in the same sentence as "hate" and "mad rage"

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